The neo-Situationist organization, Adbusters Media Foundation, has been using détournement strategies to disrupt the flow of the media spectacle and ultimately rob it of its power. Their subscription is 15$/year and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in an alternative news source. They are known for reworking advertisements in attempt to feel less of the battering rams of consumerism and create more space for art and critical reflection. In their past anti-capitalist campaign they constructed an American flag bearing corporate logos in place of stars. More recently in August, the six-times-a-year publication released their #127 issue with a defaced Donald Trump and the coverline, “Cool Fascismo,”  which is also the theme of the issue.


Adbusters Issue #127 takes on the rise of global fascism, exposing the symptoms of a sick and outdated system. Everywhere you look, fascist tendencies are creeping into view as each day our world falls further and further into chaos. Have we forgotten the lessons of the past? Will we bury our heads into the comforts of virtual reality while egomaniacs capture the imagination of the masses? Cool Fascismo is an unprecedented exploration into a world where a culture of cool becomes a culture of fear.


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  1. lenapearlcole says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! Just subscribed, so amazing to find publications unmasking these intricacies on a large scale. The online database also is really wonderful, so again thanks for sharing!

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