Continuing what was discussed in class about being able to capture everything on our phones, back in April, Facebook launched Facebook Live, which allows users to upload video content to their friends as it is happening. Here is a little more about it:

Going off from this, Snapchat has had similar components to their app long before Facebook Live, such as posting Snapchat stories, which allows users to also show content to their friends. Instagram recently hopped on board with this too, creating Instagram stories as well.

There are some obvious pros to being able to show live videos/photos to friends right as it’s happening, such as when being used in the case where a wife shot her husband getting killed by the police, it can make people more aware of serious issues going on, and now many people can see the truth behind these kinds of events. But what are some potential drawbacks or downsides, if any to these video features?



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  1. alicecmullin says:

    It’s interesting to think about possible downsides. I think one concern I’ve heard is that sometimes the videos of people being murdered by police get over-shared and become a spectacle, which is problematic.

  2. krystalyiranli says:

    I never really thought about the downsides of these videos. One of the concerns that I have is if such video that contains violence is spreading all over the internet, children can be influenced or confused by it. I think there is definitely a more effective way for the kids instead of showing the video directly.

  3. carlywinant says:

    In terms of downsides, these videos could potentially be very triggering to people, especially if everything time they go on the internet or use Facebook, their newsfeed is full of it.

  4. Like people have mentioned, these videos are very triggering and often shared without warning, making it difficult for people to remain sane during these times. Additionally, platforms like Facebook still operate under the power of the government and the accounts can be controlled by cops.
    Back in August, a woman in Baltimore was live streaming her interactions with the police in her apartment, the police then contacted Facebook to shut down her account, and later she was shot. (

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