Police Brutality

The link I shared is a video clip from 1959. It is a documentary filmed by Madeline Anderson, R. Jess Brown addressing the murder of Al Garrett, an innocent African American was shot and killed by a police officer in New York. In the speech, R. Jess Brown expressing his empathy and sorrow, evoking the African American community to unite and fight against police brutality. The speech is definitely strong and impressive on uniting the community as one. I also found it is kind of sad and pathetic that after all these years, police brutality still exists as one of the major issue of this country, but at least one thing changed is that there are more people choose to stand out and speak up for their rights. Another thing is that in this era of new media, there are much more media people can use compared to decades ago. Every individual is a component of this overall gigantic social media. Police brutality will be hard to eliminate because police is always considered as a part of the justice system, which is the governmental mainstream. In order to challenge the mainstream, the minority group will have to sacrifice much more efforts.


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  1. kristenhong says:

    One part of the video that stood out to me is when Brown talked about people not getting upset about the situation. I think Brown is calling for people to stand up to the police, to stand up in solidarity against a dominant figure.

  2. That idea of solidarity was preached by Brown in 1959, and we are still using those methods today. I think even though he was focusing on the tragic death of one person he preached things that face police brutality and standing up to oppression.

  3. emacune says:

    I find it unfortunate that minorities are the ones that have to sacrifice more. More people of privilege should be making sacrifices.

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