One of the underlying struggles of Black Lives Matter activists today and Civil Rights Movements in the past has been the media coverage that these systematically oppressed peoples/ movements receive. As we saw in class, coverage of protests or attempts of marginalized peoples to fight back against their aggressors, such as the Watts Riots, have received very skewed and biased reporting that does not include the whole picture. The mainstream media takes another step in further oppressing marginalized peoples by rarely including the faults of the dominant people and de-humanizing marginalized people by not explaining to audiences why oppressed peoples are oppressed in the first place. In class, we also talked about the problem of the lack of coverage given to marginalized people as news anchors or television hosts, so that there is now almost even less sources besides white/cis/straight/male/driven by capitalism media outlets from which people can easily obtain news stories. Below I have included some links to alternative news sources that tend to usually include more of the whole picture, coming not just from the dominant people’s viewpoints. I think that it is very important to stay informed, and I think it is very important to stay informed without a skewed narrative.






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  1. kristenhong says:

    One of our faults is being attracted to mass media like Fox News or NBC. I really appreciate how these alternative news sites provide unbiased and independent pieces.

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