In class we talked about how now that cellphones have become more accessible, it has been easier to reports instances of discrimination, police brutality, etc towards people of color, especially black people.  A lot of people in the US think that just because we have a black president, a music industry that thrives off the work of black artists, and other things, we live in a post-racial society. This is, however, not the case and as a result there have been more opportunities for people to organize and protest using platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, just as these websites are helpful in organizing masses, they also have drawbacks in that public posts can be used by cops and aid them in targeting people.

Most recently, the following post has been going around Facebook

“The Morton County Sheriff’s Department has been using Facebook check-ins to find out who is at Standing Rock in order to target them in attempts to disrupt the prayer camps. SO Water Protecters are calling on EVERYONE to check-in at Standing Rock, ND to overwhelm and confuse them. This is concrete action that can protect people putting their bodies and well-being on the line that we can do without leaving our homes. Will you join me in Standing Rock?”

How to check-in on facebook:

go to the space where you usually make posts on facebook, on the bottom left there are three buttons, one of them is a pin which when you click allows you to check-in to a location: check-in to Standing Rock Indian Reservation


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  1. socalens says:

    thanks for the action suggestion – can you provide a “check-in” link on facebook?

  2. philb23 says:

    you also need to change the settings on the check-in to global rather then friends so everyone, including the police department, will see you in standing rock. Otherwise you’ll just be surprising your friends with an unexpected visit to standing rock. Please don’t scare your parents who think you’re in California at school Haha.

  3. philb23 says:

    Long but an update;

    I also wanted to post this facebook update on this action. It’s really interesting to see how this action wasn’t from the camp but it’s still been very effective in bringing attention to the protectors. it’s been an amazing action that has connected many people and brings inspiration and encouragement to the people in standing rock;

    There is no solid line between “organizers” and others- this is a
    movement, not an organization. There are many camps and points of contact, we can only verify that the ‘Facebook Check In’ action did not originate from the Sacred Stone Camp FB page. We support the tactic, and think it is a great way to express solidarity
    There is no doubt that law enforcement comb social media for
    incriminating material and monitor communications.
    The check in’s have created a huge influx of media attention that we appreciate. Our growing massive social media following plays a key role in this struggle. We have been ignored for the most part by mainstream media, yet we have hundreds of thousands of supporters from across the world. We appreciate a diversity of tactics and encourage people to come up with creative ways to act in solidarity, both online and as real physical allies.
    We would like to see these thousands of people take physical action to demand that their banks divest, their police forces withdraw, and the Army Corps and Obama administration halt the construction of this pipeline. We would like CitiBank, Bank of Tokyo, and Mizho Bank to cancel their pending $1.1 billion dollar loan to DAPL. We’d also like to see people connect with indigenous and environmental struggles in their own bioregion. We’d like you to investigate and organize around your personal relationship to fossil fuel consumption and colonization.
    We need your support for our legal defense as the battle intensifies-
    We need you to plug into a solidarity action-
    We also need 10,000, 100,000 people to join us here on the ground. Now. Join us!

    Dallas Goldtooth also commented on the action saying:

    My thoughts: the “Checking in” bit is a great,fun way of keeping folks engaged in the fight. It helps us keep the movement refreshed.

    Its not the huge gamechanger you may think it is. Sorry to burst the bubble. But it sure as hell helps us feel the solidarity!

    Real talk: We are being watched. By plane and helicopter. Our phones are tapped. Our text messages are being seen. Our social media is being mined for data and tracking. Our conversations are being logged by undercover cops. This is all happening.

    So if anything….”checking in” helps show the racist arses at Morton County police department that we are more than just some rabble rousers in a field…we are a fucking global movement of pipeline fighters. So check in and come see the view. 😉 #NoDAPL

  4. Thank you so much! I just did that. This is a case where the social media can truly be beneficial and make a huge difference in the masses and the protest we are addressing.

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