This past week really focused on activist media from the work of Marlon Riggs as well as Goodman’s piece on the importance of teaching youth media especially in such a media saturated environment that generations like our are growing up in. But what I think is really important about activist media is creating content that is obviously extremely important in message and news content, but also creating something that is deeper in connection to both the creator and the audience. I know that below someone had already posted about Paris Is Burning, and I think this is one of the best examples of activist media to date. It is similar to the work of Marlon Riggs’ Tongues Untied, except I think that it goes even deeper into the personal lives and struggles of the people it documents-queer black men in the ball scene- which resonates with the audience, and the community being documented at an even stringer level. Paris Is Burning is a film I consistently refer back to because my experience with the film was unforgettable. While Riggs piece was also extremely important and noteworthy, I think that personal value and connection is really integral in teaching youth activist media in order to connect with and create the most meaningful content.


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  1. lenapearlcole says:

    Paris is Burning is a truly unforgettable piece of media along these lines. I also agree wholeheartedly about the emotional connections built to the characters in order to elicit empathy from the audience rather than simply calculated understanding. It’s incredibly important to bring news media down to a human level and one that leads to connective spaces for people to engage with the content.

  2. oliviaklugman says:

    wow this looks great! I have never seen it but I will definitely look into it. last year I read an article about RuPaul’s drag race and bringing racial “realness” to being a drag queen. However, often times this meant that black drag queens were expected to paint a racial caricature of their race.

  3. carlywinant says:

    I completely agree that Paris is Burning is one of the most important activist movies to date. And I agree that it gave audiences a much more personal look into the lives of these men. You really got more of a sense of their stories and their struggles. It makes it easier of the audience to become more deeply invested in the film.

  4. This film looks unbelievable! I haven’t seen it yet but you have sold me! What about it particularly does it do well besides getting deeper into the personal lives of the queer black men in the ball scene? But this is a film I definitely look into more closely.

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