Following our presentation today I wanted to share a quote that I had referenced during our group discussions. I found that many people can be critical of the support they show for movements not just in our class but in life in general. Even I struggle with understanding whether or not what I’m doing is enough or I should be doing more. I think that of course you should do all you can to support a movement and if there’s a rally near you then do your best to attend but if you don’t then don’t make yourself feel bad about it just do what you can! I’ve thought so many times “I shouldn’t be here I should be in North Dakota” but everyone has a place in this world and just by spreading the word and educating yourself and others you are doing amazing work. I went to a talk a few weeks ago and the speaker told us that if you think about the number of Facebook friends you have and you make an effort to educate them and then they do the same then you’re reaching hundreds of people. Maybe this is the definition of slacktivism or whatever but I don’t think that any kind of education or solidarity should be diminished because you are making a conscious effort to support something worth fighting for. That one article could change the mind of another person who knew absolutely nothing about a movement or issue. And in this globally connected world we can’t be everywhere at once. Social media is our way of being apart of this huge world. Self critique is good but only if it’s productive. Creating negative energy and suffering in a world of pain isn’t helping create change only causing more pain. But those are just my thoughts. If anyone has other thoughts, disagree or agree then please reply!


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  1. carlywinant says:

    You make such great points in this post! Sometimes a little goes a long way. Not every is able to attend every rally they hear about or be able to go to right where the action is. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the issues at hand. It’s just about doing whatever you’re able to do, no matter how big or small.

  2. I agree! I think even though you don’t go to a rally doesn’t make you any less passionate about the protest that is going on. Just having the ability to recognize and speak out about something you believe in is in and amongst itself what freedom is about.

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