Hey yall, my friend from Boulder makes these awesome Slaps that I would like to offer to all of you! Slaps are stickers, usually taken from the post office, containing graffiti and/or hand-drawn art that communicates a publicly displayed message. They are slapped onto walls, street lights, doors, etc. (I have one on mIMG_3844.jpgy computer, I put them around campus or whenever I visit a new city, and once even on a police car ;-)). Artist’s stickers can be distributed worldwide and end up adhered in places they themselves have never been to. I think it’s a pretty rad form of distribution and disruption, especially since the United States Postal Service’s Label 228 are quite hard to remove, usually leaving a white sticky residue. I have tons of printed fade-resistant copies of “IS THIS NOT YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE?” a couple of “THIS IS THE TRUTH” and a bunch of one-of-kind hand drawn designs that aren’t water proof but I am happy to share, I’ll bring some to class next week but you should comment if you would like one in particular 

heres his page if you want to see more of his stuff https://www.instagram.com/ik0r






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  1. alicecmullin says:

    These are really awesome! Any reason your friend chose post office stickers specifically?

  2. carlywinant says:

    This is such a cool and unique form of art activism! It’s simple, but it makes a statement. I feel like I’m definitely gonna pay more attention to around campus and around LA to see if I can find them because I feel like I definitely have seen things like this before, but I’ve never known what they’ve meant.

  3. I’m curious into why your friend chose post office stickers too!? I think simplicity in a lot of cases works so much better than a super complex form of activism. I think this system will go a long way.

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