BLM Music video

The link I post is the link of the music video example I showed during our “Resonance of Rage” presentation. The music video functions as a quite strong and powerful tool to arouse a “resonance” among different racial and cultural group. I believe many audiences experience the same feeling like me when watching this video and this is exactly what our group want to achieve. The use of the combination of images, clips and music is definitely a effective way of creating a sense of being overwhelmed by what happened to the black community. Especially the highlight of major lyrics of the song reinforces and stimulates a further understanding of the song and images. I am particularly impressed by the part where there are continuous clips recording police brutality. I think this really reinforces the sense of “resonance” between black community and the audience.


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  1. As a viewer to this video I did feel a certain way that I think you guys are trying to shed light on when watching. I feeling of overwhelming and being powerless. It’s all due to the images and clips combined with the music in a certain way. I think that all those parts need to work 100% together in order for you to get those feelings out of an audience, but done effectively you really have a powerful video. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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