For my blog post I wanted to look at the solidarity efforts of Palestinian groups with #NoDAPL.

I found this article by a Palestinian writer and community activist in the Palestinian Youth Movement, Nadya Raja Tannous, and I think that her writing truly highlights some of the reasons our group decided to focus on solidarity. What I found most starking and vital about Raja Tannous’s approach to solidarity was the ability to see a joint struggle in different contexts, to empathize with other oppressed groups through an understanding of one’s own pain, and an understanding of the systems that propel this pain.

Here is a paragraph where I believe this is especially potent:

Why did I go in the first place? Because somewhere in the awkward power dynamic of being a US citizen, a non-native inhabitant of Turtle Island, and a Palestinian in the Diaspora, I saw the struggle for livelihood and culture, the struggle against settler-colonialism, the struggle to protect the sacred and maintain your own legitimacy, and the ever ominous force of erasure and historical amnesia.

See more at:

The Palestinian Youth Movement also issued a statement of solidarity that I recommend checking out!

“From Palestine to Standing Rock" banner (Photo: Haithem El-Zabri with creative help from PYM)

Image source:


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