With the election just one day away, it has become apparent that Black voter turnout will not nearly reach the historic highs when Barack Obama was on the ticket. While Donald Trump alienates African American voters with his poor choice of words and actions, many African American voters also stray from Hillary Clinton for supporting tough on crime policies that led to mass incarceration. Some initiatives are encouraging African American voters to go to the polls as a part of building black political power. #WeBuiltThis is another digital initiative that emphasizes the message that “an important part of our toolbox of organizing towards black liberation.”




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  1. maddiemcc19 says:

    In addition to, as the article states, “several initiatives are trying to get African Americans to the polls by using the very language of [the Black Lives Matter] movement,” Secretary Clinton has utilized the popularity of black culture to gain voter popularity, specifically with endorsers like Beyonce, Jay Z, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Pharrell Williams, and others. The policy initiated needs to match the support she is using this election in her presidential policy.

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