I had never heard of this concept before, and I found it really interesting. Below are some ads that promote the “holiday”- looking through ads and pictures for Buy Nothing Day, I thought a lot of their images were really creative and funny. But I am curious how effective this day would be? Even if a large proportion of people participated in it, it is still only one day against consumerism, and people would likely go back to shopping as much as they did before.

Although this day is meant to be a day against consumerism, I applaud it because it would promote people to spend time with family, rather than going out and buying a lot of stuff, after a day they just spent time with family, giving thanks and being thankful for what they already have. The fact that Black Friday shopping now starts on Thanksgiving, and during dinner, is absurd. It defeats the whole purpose of Thanksgiving.


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  1. carlywinant says:

    I feel like not enough people know about Buy Nothing Day. And the people who don’t know about it are probably the people who need to hear about it most. While it may not fix consumerism all together, I think making people aware of it will help spread the message of what Buy Nothing Day is about and encourage people to rethink their consumer habits. There is no guarantee that it will actually change the way people consume, but it will certainly get people thinking.

  2. alicecmullin says:

    I agree with Carly that I don’t think this day has enough exposure! I” probably be sharing something about it on my Facebook when it gets closer. I think Black Friday is pretty harmful, especially to those who have to work it. Some of these people don’t even get to have a proper Thanksgiving with their families and friends because they have to be in the stores.

  3. krystalyiranli says:

    Agree with you. I think besides the purpose of protesting against consumerism through “Buy Nothing Day”, realizing the importance of being with our own family is also important. Especially like you said, the Black Friday starts at Thanksgiving when we are supposed to have a nice time with our family. Instead, people wait in line in the middle of the night just for shopping.

  4. evbeel says:

    I didn’t even know about this but I really like the concept of it, thanks for sharing!

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