After the election yesterday, many were deeply shocked and hurt because of the result. I am not a American citizen, but as a part of the minority group and a woman, I can’t imagine what is going to happen in the future. A lots of my friends were sharing this video from CNN this morning and it expresses the feeling I am having right now, and I believe, what a lot of people in this community are having as well.

According to Van Jones, “You tell your kids don’t be a bully, you tell your kids don’t be a bigot… and then you have this outcome.You have people putting children to bed tonight and they are afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of ‘How do I explain this to my children? ” Everything people are doing right now is effecting the future of this society and nation. Our decision influences how we study, work and live and “our children” is the youth group who will eventually run this country someday. Apparently, how do these children perceive and think of this society is extremely crucial. But right now, how do we explain this election to the children? just tell them we elected a racist and sexist to be the president of the United States?

It is always not too late to start the action, fighting for what people really need as citizens. Maybe this election is going to be a “whitelash”, like what Van Jones said, or maybe it is another turning point where people start to put more efforts into the fight. People still have time within the future four years and after these four years.


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  1. Through all the shock and angry and sadness that I felt watching the election unfold last night, it was still very refreshing to be able to see someone like Van Jones speak on CNN, a news source that isn’t a place to show how you truly feel about the news if you are working there. He did. He told America and the other news anchors what he was feeling and I needed that in a time like this.

  2. maddieglouner says:

    I agree with you that it’s never too late to take action, however I wish we had done so sooner. This past weekend I attended one of the protests in LA against Donald Trump. The amount of people that came out was incredible. I hope maybe this election will at the very least, inspire and encourage people to vote, be politically active, and make sure that come next election, this level of idiocracy in our president elect never happens again.

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