After the election and after waking up the next morning. Things were just different. People were weeping, people were not able to talk or look at other people, that sense of human connection was lost for a bit. Fear was the first feeling everyone had, a fear of ambiguity. Then came sadness and then confusion, which was followed by anger. All around Pitzer, anger has started to surface. Giant signs have been posted up saying “FUCK TRUMP,” as well as chalk markings on the side walk that say things such as, “#CALIEXIT, #notMYpresident, and even just LOVE TRUMPS HATE.” Even during the election when it was clear Trump was going win, a dorm across from mine started playing the song “Fuck Donald Trump” by G-Eazy. I don’t think this hate and anger is going to help, it’s going to create more of a divide in this country. Loving each other and supporting each other will help.

My dad who is a professor of English at Williams College opened his class with these remarks which I think show really well what we have to do now:

“It’s hard at this point as an educator – and I’ve been doing this for 30 years– to not feel like a part of a massive failure.You are all are going to be facing some very difficult decisions much sooner than I would have guessed you would be. Our government may be in the process of morphing into something that is going further enshrine and pursue many of our very worst instincts, as individuals and as a collective. And that government has already begun the process of accruing unto itself the power to make things extremely unpleasant for everyone who decides that, in all good conscience, they’re going to have to resist that agenda.So I would counsel you to start thinking now about which actions your government might take that would cause you to say ‘This I will not stand by and let happen.’ And in those cases, just how much of your own comfort and safety you will be willing to risk to assert those values.”



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