The future is bright. Source: How Millennials Voted for Hillary Clinton

These past few days I have been trying to put into words what I feel about the election. It’s been tough as I think I was the most shocked out of my family members by the results and more importantly what this means for the next four years.

Along with my own shock and confusion, I think I’ve found the greatest solace around my peers, my community, and people I am friends with on Facebook. I have seen countless and countless posts from my friends who I never imagined would be this vocal and politically active. This election has certainly awakened something in all of us – I’ve seen live streams on Facebook from the protests in Chicago and New York, and in many ways this collective action has been enhanced by our digital media platforms.

On something we’ve touched on in class, collective activism, there’s a document created called Oh Shit! The what should I do before January guide where the first line is “This Document is a Living Document” and another one: Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January. This echoes many of the themes we discussed in regards to the power of digital media to unite and create a community around an issue.

So, what do we do now? As one of my friends posted on Facebook, “Talk to someone you don’t know or agree with today. Get to know someone who makes you uncomfortable today. This is my hope for progress, because together we grow, and I implore you to fight your own ignorance more than that of others today.” If there’s anything that this election has brought up is how closed my political sphere is, and how little I know about the values and beliefs of the people who voted for Trump. I look forward to discussing these issues as we end our year as a class, and what impact our generation can have for the next four years.


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