sorry if this is a lot to share, but i feel like it would be cool to get some eyes on this piece i wrote in trying to process all of this. any and all feedback would be appreciated! sending you all light and love ❤

Dearest collective,

Today, we call in love. We are invited to step up, speak out, look to others, and especially into our own abundant beings.
To conjure the spirits that have been diminished by our ‘culture’
Our purchasing power, buying frenzy, media minds, tortured work lives, truncated family ties, all seem to rise and supersize
Any form of untethered lies,
Any love that comes without boundaries or a disguise.
The imagined culture –we— created
Is showing its true colors,
Is making itself known
Its terrible consequences have finally come to the forefront of society’s fold.
No more hiding, no more white picket fence,
The hate that bubbled up this week
Highlights a fear we will all truly regret.
Our forefathers came in, took claim over the land and proclaimed,
All the while owning slaves,
Opening the Pandora’s box of hypocrisy, we have so willingly steeped ourselves in,
Draining ourselves of the notions we have clung onto for years to come.
“America was never great!”
I heard people yell in the streets this week,
Honing in on the possibility,
That we never had it all.
That we just created an imaginary set of circumstances and signals
That detailed the beauty of our menial existence
What bag, face, or house does one dote upon and bring to the forefront,
What indicates happiness?
A boat or a loving embrace to sink into?
Rather than floating about in a commercial world,
We ought to look up and pray for a more connective model,
One that urges us to ask forgiveness and for guidance to follow
How do we go about unraveling these chains,
Unfurrowing our brows and cease wondering what will happen the next day.
What would it take for people to lift their up heads,
The ones filled with endless information,
And rather look deeply into another’s eyes, and feel a sense of empathy, a call or an invitation,
To look up at the sky, and wonder at the moon,
To dance along the winds of nature’s luminous tune.
To humanize
To disillusion
To recognize
We are one,
Breathing lung,
Beating heart,
Under one beaming sun,
We consume one strong light,
We radiate the same rays,
We consciously exist in all the same days.
The trees are our air,
The water our source,
The plants nourish our petit little souls.
We destruct what that’s ours,
For there are no lines,
Despite what everything has told us,
Our world and time doesn’t go in a line.
It’s circular, you can see it in the patterns,
In the ways that human’s unfortunately
Really don’t learn their power.
Their power to destruct,
To bring to ruin,
To obliterate, overuse, exploit, overwhelm,
To take and to take and to never pause and examine the well,
The hole we’ve created, in the very fabric of the earth,
In the core of every existence, we’ve removed a certain hearth.
The hearth being the home, the one that exists inside each of us, the one that connects us to everything around us.
But we quieted that voice,
Buried it deep under processed equations.
Our food, our logic, our expression, even our language,
We systematically have drowned out the source of all intrinsic knowing agents.
Instead, we entertain ourselves through our days, filling our heads and our holes with any entertainment that happens to come our way.
That’s why we’ve elected this ‘man’ the one far more dangerous than our founding fathers ever thought was possible to put into office.
We silence the subaltern,
We obstruct their voice,
We demonize their cries,
And put a veil over their strife.
All the while straying further from the ground.
Wall street stretches higher than any being should be allowed.
What a better image,
Than the one of the rule,
Reaching vast heights this is true, but one so far from its roots.
The roots that spry into the ground
That spread their reach far and wide,
That are connected to the information
That isn’t written in a line.
Or 5 or 10,
But rather millions of intricacies we
Could never wrap around, with our culturally intellectual heads.
We’ve been taught to think, in language in signs
Rather than our feelings, our senses, or an internal compass with inexplicable guidelines.
We demanded answers,
We got them,
We know everything, right?!
We can estimate the conception of our globe,
But we can’t even see into our own brilliant light?
This paradoxical insight
The twisted
And convoluted
Knowledge we cling onto
Leaves out a whole system of understanding,
And our president elect shows us just how deep this unknowing lives and thrives in.
He’s the collective shadow,
The supreme darkness we’ve glazed over for years,
The intensifying reality
Of all that the connected would have feared.

I’m sorry,
I apologize on our behalf.
It wasn’t our fault, our systems were lying to us, they didn’t even understand their own juvenile acts.
We’re in a hole of deceit,
Our educations have failed,
Even money can’t buy its way out of this treacherous jail.

I will never stop trying though,
You have my word.


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  1. maddiernelson says:

    thank you for this lena<3<3<3

  2. carlywinant says:

    Beautifully written! Such a powerful piece. If there is any platform during this semester or this year where you can perform this publicly, you should do it because this is a message a lot of people will appreciate. ❤

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