Tuesday’s election results are, obviously, still on my mind. I am not sure how to make sense of it all yet – there’s a lot that goes into considering this new reality and my role in it as an international ally. I do not have a clear idea of how to write about it, no rallying cry pushing people to fight. There’s so much to say about the shock that almost 60 million people supported Trump and were able to justify to themselves the horrible things that he said, but even more to say about, beyond the symbolism of the election, the pain and fear experienced by people who are actually threatened by Trump keeping to his promises, threatened by the violence towards immigrants, Muslims, POC, LGBTQ, and many more people that his election legitimizes.
I will just say, in the context of this class, that I have been reflecting a lot about the role social media has played in my engagement in the days following the election. Social media has been a way of processing, of getting angry, of expressing support, of organizing, of spreading word of what the US looked like the day after Trump’s election. It has been a way to relay information about who voted for Trump, to articulate critiques and express hurt. I found myself glued to my phone screen, reading testimonies and links to articles and videos. It’s given me a weird feeling of hyper engagement with an overarching feeling of isolation and disengagement. It has also been a tool to tap into community events on campus, to seek and provide support beyond the virtual space, tap into organizing and actions, mobilizing thousands in rallies. But I am still thinking about what being glued to the screen can do to seeking closure through slacktivism. I’m not sure. This isn’t a formulated thought just a reflection on processing  and engaging with social media. I don’t know. I find myself saying this a lot these past few days – I don’t know.


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  1. carlywinant says:

    I definitely relate to the feeling of not knowing what to do. One thing you can always do is uphold the values you wish to see in the country. Be a safe person and an ally to those who feel frightened and threatened right now. And social media can help do this. People can post about support/love/healing to show where they stand. But you also don’t have to post about it. Just because you don’t post about it doesn’t mean you don’t care about the issues going on in the world. You can show your support online or in person or however you best see fit. Simply being there for being and being accepting can be pretty powerful because no one should feel alone right now.

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