With all the discussion on the blog about the relationship with media and the election, it makes me think about how Saturday Night Live has been such a big part of that. For anyone who didn’t see it the cold opening from the latest episode, Kate McKinnon (known for portraying Hilary Clinton on the show) played the piano and sang the song Hallelujah. With Hilary loosing the election, it put SNL in a tough spot of figuring out how to handle the opening of the show (which have always been political themed). I think the show did the right thing about using their opening as an emotional message of hope. The opening even ending with McKinnon saying, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.”

SNL was such a strong media outlet during the whole election process and was clearly pro Hilary and was convinced that Hilary would win. Alec Baldwin even commented recently about how he was angry that the show couldn’t outwardly endorse Hilary Clinton. It’s interesting to see that while SNL is clearly extremely left, they could never outwardly tell it’s viewers to who to vote for, and Baldwin resented NBC executives for that. Baldwin even didn’t want to portray Trump on the show at first, claiming, “In order to do that effectively, you need to have some appreciation of the person … some kernel of appreciation, for which Trump, I have none.”

Kate McKinnon’s Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG-_ZDrypec

Alec Baldwin Talking About SNL: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/alec-baldwin-snl-endorse_us_5829ed13e4b02d21bbc9b492


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  1. I agree that SNL is a hugely important political platform, If you haven’t yet I suggest seeing Dave Chappelle’s monologue about Trump becoming president, its really good.

    • ariatung says:

      I was literally about to post this too haha. But yeah it is really good! And it’s pretty crazy because Dave Chappelle hadn’t done much since rejecting his huge offer. But it’s really cool when celebrities can voice their opinions about important issues.

  2. olivia klugman says:

    yes, I just posted about SNL last week! However, last week I was worried about how the prevalence of parody could be harmful and make a comedy out of this year’s election. But, I loved Kate Mckinnon’s song and thought it was a very important move for the show! It was definitely the closest they have been this past year to overtly endorsing leftist politics.

  3. evbeel says:

    I think people really under estimate the power of comedy when trying to portray a strong message. There are dangerous aspects such as people trivialising those like Trump (can’t remember who but some big boss said that he regrets not taking him seriously and giving him too much attention) and how satire can be taken both ways. However it is definitely a way to communicate to the masses and I think a light hearted medium still gets people thinking and involved.

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