I have heard a lot about this campaign, and the video we watched in class, “Books Not Bars” reminded me of this movement. I think these movements are so important- comparing our prison system with other countries, that focus on rehabilitation, it is really sad. Our prison systems and many people in society immediately want to punish criminals, and do not believe in giving them a second chance in society (for example, not letting them vote, making it hard for them to find jobs/housing, etc.) There is a really high percentage of criminals being locked up again after they are released. For example, in Norway, criminals are treated more like people, and their rates of returned criminals is very low, not to mention they have a very low crime rate in general. We should start rethinking where our money is going, and rather than building so many prisons, we should be working on making education a priority, and rehabilitating criminals, rather than punishing them and treating them in inhumane ways.




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  1. krystalyiranli says:

    People should definitely start to think what is the true reason causing the high percentage of the criminals return to the prison again after they are released. Prison is not a place for these criminals being treated as non-human being; instead, it should be a place offering these criminals the second chance to start over again.

  2. carlywinant says:

    I agree that rehabilitation and education would be a much more productive way to go for prisons. I don’t understand how our justice system thinks that by locking someone up, treating them with no respect, having them live in constant hell, and denying them basic human rights is going to help anyone improve as a person and make our world safer.

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