I think what is really causing the increased violence scandals in American juvenile prison system and higher rate of criminals committing crimes again after being released from the prison is the misunderstanding of the purpose of juvenile prison. The existence of juvenile prison is not to locked these kids up; instead, it is to offer them a second chance to choose a new path to their life and start over again. Many of these juvenile criminals experienced horrible things happened to themselves or people they love and some of them are suffering from mental disabilities. The trauma they experienced and the high level of violence incident caused them to commit crimes, even some of them didn’t even realize or mean to do so. Everyone deserves a second chance to start over again, not to mention these young kids who can’t even think or behave absolutely maturely. Juvenile prison should offer them a place warm, friendly and helpful to their development and growth, to teach them what is the right way of communicating and behaving in this society. All of the painful violence they are actually experiencing in the prison will do nothing on helping them to behave; instead, it is making them more aggressive and dangerous.




2 responses »

  1. carlywinant says:

    I think offering these kids are second chance is great, especially because they are so young. They have their whole lives ahead of them to change and grow, and they should have the opportunity to do that in a non-violent environment.

  2. lenapearlcole says:

    Thank you for this, and you’re right! They do need to be welcomed into loving and warm spaces rather than hard cold ones.

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