Watching the video “Books Not Bars” really revealed to me the truth about the criminalization of youth, especially youth of color. It shows the relationship between increases in prison spending and decreases in education spending. The activists in the video challenge the audience to explore alternative options to detention for the youth, and also to stop the misperceptions of youth crimes in the US. After watching this video, it really got me thinking about our corrupt system and what is going to happen in the future. Knowing who our president is now, and knowing his policies, its hard to imagine him funding the public school system and decrease prison spending. All I can hope for is youth activists continually trying to gain support in society for other options.


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  1. maddieglouner says:

    After watching these videos, I’m really nervous about this issue as well. Funding public programs and schools could drastically change the way in which incarcerated youth grow up, and hopefully deter them from the prison system all together. Since our justice system is so corrupt and underrepresented in the political realm, I guess the only thing we can do is encourage activist media to expose the stories and the humanity behind people serving time. While I don’t know if this will be successful in producing any necessary change, we can at least build awareness about the problems in the juvenile prison system and hope that come next election, we can elect a politician who actually cares.

  2. carlywinant says:

    I feel like this is an issue that people in high position of power have tended to not care very strongly about unfortunately, so if often gets swept under the rug. We need more activism, more videos made, and more awareness brought to incarcerated youth (and incarcerated people in general). If we voice a large enough amount of concern about it, the people with the power to change it will hopefully listen at some point.

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