I saw a commercial today for Walmart that advertised its Black Friday deals. I noticed that at the end of the commercial, they said that deals started at 6pm on Thursday, Thanksgiving day. I think it is so reprehensible that Black Friday is being pushed earlier and earlier each year. Walmart (and the other stores who are also doing this) has a complete lack of consideration for its employees–which is not shocking given Walmart’s history of employee mistreatment. These customer service employees have to put their lives on hold to go work on a holiday while the higher-ups in the company are likely stuffing themselves with pumpkin pie. In my mind, this is just one more reason to try and participate in Buy Nothing Day.


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  1. carlywinant says:

    That’s crazy! Black Friday isn’t even starting on a Friday anymore. This day has really taken over corporations. Soon Black Friday might extend to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And you’re right, it must be awful for the employees who have to work that day and would rather be with their families.

  2. ariatung says:

    It is really bad how stores are opening earlier each year. And as much as people probably realize how insane it is, they still participate. I mean, I admit that after my family and I had dinner and hung out a bit, my cousin and I headed to the mall to shop and take advantage of the deals

  3. kristenhong says:

    This is very upsetting especially because Thanksgiving is not about capitalism. It is about celebrating history, but unfortunately the past couple of years it has been about standing in lines to buy things.

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