After reading through people’s posts about Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day, today marks another year of the internet’s shopping holiday Cyber Monday.Cyber Monday is getting even more popular as more stores and brands are online, not to mention how accessible, fast, and easy online shopping is. After reading the post on Patagonia’s decision to donate their profits to different environmental organizations, I got to thinking about how easy it would be for brands with Cyber Monday sales to at least promote some sort of awareness or activism for an important cause on their sites, especially on a day like today where the amount of people on their sites exponentially increases. Something as simple as a promo code that allows you to designate 10% of your purchase to a relief fund, activist awareness group etc. Online stores have mastered social media marketing and advertising on their websites, it would be so easy to post a banner on their homepage doing something pertaining to helping what is going on in our world- even a solidarity message that at the very least reminds people that there are more important things going on than 30% a jacket. I know that this may not be a very desirable concept to corporations just trying to make as much profit as possible, but the power they have to reach so many people today would probably make an impact, even if that serves as so much as a reminder to people that normally aren’t concerned with anything more than a sale.


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  1. carlywinant says:

    Lush is a company that did something like this. They used Cyber Monday to raise awareness of government enforced internet shutdowns. Their website opens on a page reading “Shutting Down the Internet” and “Limiting Internet access doesn’t just impact free speech, it can also impact personal safety.” In addition to this, they created a special bath bomb, available only online, called Error 404. All of the profits from this particular bath bomb with go to Access Now, a digital activist group. Take a closer look at the bath bomb here:

  2. lenapearlcole says:

    I completely agree, it’s so disappointing that practically no large companies used their platforms for good. While there is an overwhelming, and seemingly unbearable amount of things going wrong in our global consciousness, as long as there’s a sale tag involved, everything other than the deal your wallet is receiving falls to the wayside.

  3. alicecmullin says:

    I wish I could find the link now or remember the company, but one outdoorsy company was having a promotion for Cyber Monday/Black Friday where for any purchase of a tent, they would donate one to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, which seems like a helpful way to utilize all this shopping.

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