After experiencing yet another Black Friday from the safety of my home, this year in particular I began to think more critically of this whole idea of Black Friday and really started to question its existence and role in our society today. Black Friday for me personal has never been appealing, I don’t see the enjoyment of waiting for weeks in the freezing cold, possibly being trampled entering a Best Buy, to get an Xbox One that is 20% off.  This whole idea that Black Friday is a social event now, that consumerism is something that is a means of connecting with people is really the most saddening part for me.

Luckily there are organizations trying to inflict positive change on this day.  On Facebook, a couple of days ago, a friend of mine shared a link to a video that was titled, “#GREENFRIDAY” I saw it and went on their website to find more information on it. Basically, the state of California, has begun to make November 25th, which is considered to be Black Friday, Green Friday, a day where 116 California state parks are open to the public for free in order for more people to enjoy nature and the outdoors. I just thought this idea was really interesting and beneficial to a progressive view of change for Black Friday. Now, is something like this going to end Black Friday, of course not, honestly, America will never stop buying things, we will always want the latest new things for the best deals, but maybe little by little things lIke Green Friday will make Black Friday less like a riot.

Green Friday



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  1. carlywinant says:

    This is such a great idea! I’m glad I know about this for the future cause it’s something I’d be interested in doing. It’s nice to see so many places, organizations, and corporations working hard to change Black Friday into something more meaningful.

  2. evbeel says:

    I am so sad I missed this, what a great idea!

  3. ariatung says:

    Along with not understanding Black Friday, I was looking online, and many of the Cyber Monday deals were even better than the Black Friday ones, and this doesn’t involve skipping out on Thanksgiving. But I like how there are new ways to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve going to the mall and spending a lot of money. I hope these new ideas pick up and become more popular in the US.

  4. olivia klugman says:

    I love the idea of green friday! Last year, my family went on a hike for black friday and it was a great experience. My post is about supporting black/minority small businesses on black Friday. Love all the positive substitutions for such a corporate consumerist idea.

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