When I think about the Occupy Wall Street movement, I think about activism and demonstrations against financial greed and corruption. When I think about Black Friday, I think about crowds and capitalism. Chaotic crowds camping out for hours may sound like an Occupy Wall Street Movement, but it also represents the spectacle of Black Friday. A Black Friday sale can get violent quickly, with some events involving brawls and even pepper spray. Instead of demonstrating against corporate greed, Black Friday shoppers are essentially participating in a demonstration against self control. black-friday-620



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  1. carlywinant says:

    This is a really intriguing comparison. The idea of camping out for something and creating a crowd certainly always makes a statement. And it’s interesting how the same action can be used in two completely different situations.

  2. It is really interesting how two completely different events that have two completely different goals come to have the same outcome and make people act the same way. Fighting each other and being controlled very strictly by law enforcement.

  3. ariatung says:

    I really liked that cartoon, so I looked for some more cartoons relating to Black Friday. Here are some I found that are really relevant to the fact that Black Friday is starting on Thanksgiving now:




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