Source: Nike Be Bold Be True

This week my group Selling Black Culture presented our manifesto Purchasing Privilege: Call Out Corporations, Empower Consumers. Stemming from a desire to educate individuals about the commodification of black culture and the power and privilege that accompanies our ability to purchase products, our manifesto hopes to demand accountability from corporations who appropriate black culture.

Our manifesto will take the form of a digital zine with multimedia sections exploring the commodification of black culture. My section will largely be focused on commercialism from athletic brands like Nike that profit from “African American Cool”. One of the most blatant examples of commercialism is when Nike debuted their Black History Month sneaker collection with the caption “Be Bold. Be True”. How bold and how true is a media campaign when it specifically profits off black culture? For years Nike has promoted a highly masculine and fetishised view of black culture, and my part of the manifesto hopes to call out this corporation, and empower us as consumers to recognize the power we have when purchasing.

Through a visually stimulating and engaging zine, I hope to bring to light these issues as well as encourage us as consumers to shop with integrity and from businesses that align with our own values.

From Week 10: Media Manifesto and Campaign Update Presentation


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