In class, we talked about an alternative to black friday called “Black Business Friday” and I really like the idea of supporting minority businesses on Black Friday instead of large corporate ones. I looked into it online, and found a specific website for how people can get involved with the “real” black friday in Cleveland Ohio here

I think it would be a cool project to create one from everyone’s hometown if there were more time left in the semester!

Also, on facebook I saw an excel document someone posted about how people can support minority owned businesses in the newly-gentrified Oakland/Berkely area and the link is here. I live in Portland, which is notorious for its excessive “hipster” gentrification, and this inspired me to look up how I can support minority-owned businesses in Portland when I go home to do my holiday shopping.

Comment below websites where you can find minority-owned businesses in your hometown!



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  1. carlywinant says:

    This website is a really good guide for people who want to be aware of where their money is going and what places they’re supporting. And you’re right, this would make a really cool project! Something to pass on to the Spring semester group for this class as a suggestion maybe.

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