E-Waste is one of the biggest environmental issues today. There are not a lot of cheap ways to get rid of used computers, phones, etc. Recycling is an option but, that is very expensive and, unfortunately, the US seems to be adamant on ignoring e-waste because of the cost. In fact, the  Basel Action Network  estimates about 80% of the electronic waste directed to recycling in the U.S. does not get recycled there at all, but is put on container ships and sent to countries such as China and Ghana. All this while 70% of the heavy metals in landfills are actually just discarded electronics. The US doesn’t seem to want to deal with the issue which is why our government seems to just send the problem to a less developed country, which contributes to the problem of environmental racism. If the US and other countries don’t start taking e-waste seriously, we will really start to see our earth suffer.


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