When reading The Media Ecosystem, I was surprised that consuming media was being compared to consuming food. But, then I continued reading and thinking about it and it began to make more sense.

It’s important to promote slower, ritual forms of media that can bring people together in real time and in physical space…As I’ve been arguing, with media our view—what we look at and engage—is continually being eaten by the media portals that give us access. Media, however, have an unlimited horizon, so our attention often gets sucked into a kind of void that is easily commoditized. By redrawing attention to local concerns and reality, and grounding media to service these conditions, our attention no longer becomes food for corporations.

Lopez compares the slow food movement in Italy, which promotes cooking and eating together, organic farming techniques, and treating livestock humanely to how we should be consuming media.


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  1. carlywinant says:

    It’s an interesting comparison and one I would have never thought to make. It really makes you think about consumption in general and how we consume all things in our life and maybe the “Italy” style is the best way to go for all of that.

  2. palomapineda19 says:

    I really loved the comparison you made here. My parents always stressed that I eat my food slower, and I think through this mentality I have been able to gain a greater appreciation for table discussion and listening to understand than to respond.

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