I think women of color being represented in the world of modeling is so important and I love what this model did! I also recognized the link between the “purchasing privilege”s group and what this model did because I remember their group critiquing the lack of women of color in the modeling industry, and the especially harmful elements of allowing white models to model culturally appropriative clothing.

However, I do want to comment on the fact that this model has a similar body type to the other models; tall and skinny. It would be AMAZING to see women of color and women of different body types to be seen more in the modeling industry.



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  1. maddiemcc19 says:

    Deeded Howard did her thing on this campaign! I think a racially-charged fear of the fashion industry is that if you have a black model then white people won’t be interested in it (unless its culturally appropriated by white people then BY ALL MEANS…). While scrolling through her images, I was just thinking how ridiculous and racist that sentiment is.

    Since teenagers internalize many body images issues from magazines and advertisements, how would a campaign like this look if adjusted for teenagers? I think, if done well, it could be really empowering!

  2. palomapineda19 says:

    I saw this too and I really loved this campaign. I would love to include this in my group’s Purchasing Privilege as an example of a model who is breaking stereotypes. I think it’s extremely important that we see more models of different racial and ethnic backgrounds being represented in print ads.

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