This is the video link I presented on class. You guys can check it our or share it if you think this is a strong and powerful tool of protesting and reaching a wide group of audience. After the presentation, I made several changes for the video.” The video “Resonance of Rage” facilitates  understanding of the historical trajectory and power of protest music in the black community. The use of the combination of audio, image and video clip highlights the African American protest movements from a historical perspective. There are three most influential songs being used in the video– “Oh Freedom”, “Strange Fruit” and “Alright”. “



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  1. palomapineda19 says:

    I think your group presented an interesting angle on Resonance of Range. It’s interesting to see how you can create different mash-ups of songs, but I think it’s always important to recognize the history and people that you portray in film and video as these can have profound effects.

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