Thinking back on our conversation about Paulo Freire got me thinking about one particular point of his: that while we as humans continually live in a state of oppression, we are simultaneously always in a state of becoming more human and recognizing that history can, and should, be changed. This reminded me of several conversations I have had with older relatives, especially in relation to social movements such as Black Lives Matter. Without exception, every older (white) individual that I have spoken with regarding BLM has claimed they don’t understand the fuss, because ‘that’s just the way things are’ and that ‘they’ll change eventually’. I think all of them were taken aback when I basically responded with, “Maybe that’s the way things are, but if that’s the case, why can’t we be the ones to change it?” People often talk about movements such as BLM being youth movements (thought of course I don’t want to discredit the many older individuals that support these movements). I don’t know if BLM organizers have already created campaigns with this aim, but I almost feel campaigns aimed at older (white) individuals would be extremely beneficial to increasing support. I think some people just need that moment of realization, when one realizes that the culture we live in is created by those in power, and that by making enough noise, we can change what is acceptable within that culture.

*Post for week six


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  1. emacune says:

    I really relate to this. I have spoken to several older people including my parents who simply don’t understand or support causes because they think that it is a generational issue, when it is really something that has always been around and that should be changed.

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