Watching ‘Tongues Untied’ was, quite honestly, an eye-opening experience to me. Even as a member of the LGBTA community, I honestly had no idea just how devastating the AIDS epidemic was, especially for people of color (and black men in particular). I’m horrified that in all my years of education, never once did I learn about this extremely prevalent moment in US history; while it was mentioned in passing as a ‘notable event,’ it was never once addressed with the gravity it deserved. What made ‘Tongues Untied’ that much more devastating was the way in which it gave a voice to those our country was desperate to silence. While I of course understood at some level the importance of documentary, ‘Tongues Untied’ drove home just how vital this type of media is in lending a voice to those most in need of one, and the way in which we can continue to utilize the documentary to fight back against oppression and silencing of marginalized individuals and groups.

*Post for week nine


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  1. emacune says:

    I think that is is great that you were able to find a documentary with such accurate representation. I think that one of the issues that has lead to our lack of knowledge about the immense struggle by QTPOC individuals in the misrepresentation in mainstream depictions of the AIDS crisis, such as How to Survive a Plague.

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