After watching the Coca-Cola commercial in class a few weeks ago, I have begun to really notice a lot of the problems with commercials that have been airing recently, especially  around Christmas time. There is one ad in particular that I have come across that aired in Mexico that exploits indigenous people. It is a coca-cola ad that shows white teenagers coming into a community on indigenous folks and basically “saving” them with coke, while completely misrepresenting a native community in Oaxaca state, who has struggled with nutritional issues in the past. I put the link here because Coca-Cola has since removed it from their Youtube channel.


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  1. palomapineda19 says:

    Thanks for bringing this up. I too have been slowly noticing more harmful commercials and advertisements that continue to portray this savior aspect. In a news segment I saw yesterday, it showed Prince Harry “visiting Africa” and in the picture he was wearing a Santa hat along with all the children in the picture. I couldn’t help but continue to keep seeing the “white savior” picture in my head – placing this religion and belief on these children through santa hats.

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