In an article on CBS, they talk about how Occupy Wall Street uses social media to spread nationwide

One of the greatest powers of social media and the development of web technologies is the ability to transmit information and unite a nation worldwide around one central issue. Through our discussion on the 99% I think it’s been pretty incredible how fast people got involved and news spread about the occupy protests. My sister photographed the Occupy Wall Street movement in Seattle, and she was continually amazed by the big aged difference in people protesting – from a boy who was 5 years old to older women.

When I think about how much social media has played in our society I keep thinking about what tactic will be used by generations after us, where my cousins are growing up in a world already plagued with social media. How do we preserve the organic activist movement without letting it become entrenched in a social media war?

From Week 14: The 99% and Mediating an Earth Democracy


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