Learning about advocacy and participatory media processes I think is most relevant to my generation and our strong relationship between participation and the media. With the inception of Web 2.0 social media platforms such as Facebook, communication is greatly enhanced and you can have debates with people across the world.

I particularly enjoyed going through witness.org and exploring the ways in which the organization sought to empower people through educating about video usage. In the resources guide section, I liked how they broke each filming element down into “interviewing” and sound basics. The website also had a variety of videos in different languages, and also broken down into topic such as DSLR basics and filming protests.

One great thing that I have learned from this class it he power of each citizen – and going through this website has greatly influenced the power that I have through the devices around me – my camera, my phone, and the people who are also activists around me. Looking at each group’s manifestos it’s been great to see how we each used a media object differently – whether it be music, video, or a visual journal to communicate and tell a story.

From Week 12: Advocacy and Participatory Media Process


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