This past week my group presented our manifesto Purchasing Privilege: Call out Corporations, Empower Consumers and I wanted to use my blog post to add some ideas in how we would develop our zine, as well as the topic I personally researched, How Nike Profits from African-American Cool.

Our zine was a platform in which each of us discussed a facet of the commodification of black culture. We each included relevant links by corporations appropriating black culture, while also highlighting activists who are fighting to support black owned businesses and stop appropriation. Looking back on what we accomplished, I think I have learned a great deal about the power I have as a consumer. As someone who frequents Nike, I definitely have a different view of the company now. This holiday season I hope to think local, and buy from businesses who’s views match my own values.

In the future I hope to take what I have learned in my group, and help educate other people about the power of their purchase. It’s important to recognize how much our economy is centering on consumerism and becoming more service-based, and the small ways in which we can help those who are marginalized by thinking, and shopping local.

From Week 15: Final Presentations



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