From Graham Meikle’s Turning Signs into Question Marks, he describes a tactical gesture which is “drawing attention to power and concealing language” and thus tactical media which creates “subversive uses of communications technologies”. It privileges “hit and run interventions” over “permanent media outlets”.

One could argue that post 9-11, the rise of tactical media has grown which add to the democratization of the media sphere. In an interesting op-ed on tactical media post 9-11, a researcher at NYU cites how tactical media groups are “much better suited for conflict” where these “tactical media do not amplify the obvious. Instead they point at cracks in the armor of the power to be, thereby creating new alliances, both in the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual'”.

Another example of tactical media is the Yes Men – as we discussed in class, The Yes Men operate to expose truths and raise awareness about problematic issues. I enjoyed watching the film in class, and I think this has greatly opened my eyes to different activist techniques.

Week 11: Tactical Media Events, Hactivism, and the Zapatista Movement


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